April ‘Down the garden path’ Activity Box


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April ‘Down the garden path’ activity box 

This months box explores gardens from every angle. 

-12 page field guide inspiring wonder and curiosity about the topic 

-12 page activity guide outlining the activities for this month 

-12 page identification guide booklet outlining some of the key features found in gardens and their purpose and relationship with the gardens visitors 

-Artist profile is on Frida Kahlo where we explored how she triumphed over many obstacles in life to create great vibrant art 

-Cut out and colour in frida Kahlo split pin articulated dol with prosthetic limb 

- This month we experiment with wet felting and you are invited to create a beautiful wet felted flower broach. In the box you have the broach back and 3 beautiful spring colours of felt. All you need to add is water, soap, a plastic bag, an old tea towel or bubble wrap 

- In this months box your learn a really cool and easy way of creating flowers from tissue paper. We invite you to make a flower crown inspired by Frida Kahlos style of wearing flowers in her hair. Once you know how to make these flowers they are a great alternative to balloons at parties (made on a bigger scale) and are fab for wall decorations.  

-Seasonal Foraging 

-Seasonal recipe