April - Spring Wild Flowers Box


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This box includes:

1 x 12 page illustrated field guide

1x 12 page illustrated activity booklet

10 double sided ID cards profiling ten wild flowers and insects most associated with that plant.

1 x Grow your own kit (3 types of giant sun flower seed from the Little Cornish Seed Co)

1 x Cotton bag for doing a mandala flower print on.

1 x Wild flower seed bomb kit including a pack of wild flower seeds and red clay.

Other resources may be included in the pack that are required for you to participate in the activities in the activity guide.

Please note that this is NOT a subscription product. This is a one off purchase for Aprils box which covers the theme ‘Spring Wild Flowers”. The cheapest way to receive these boxes is to take out a subscription as subscribers get free postage and their monthly automatic payments means they receive a new box covering a different seasonal theme at the start of each month.

However, each month we offer a small amount of one time purchase boxes which are designed to be gifted or provide you with the chance to try the boxes before you subscribe.

If you would like to take out a subscription please head to the subscriptions page.