SECONDS SALE May ‘Beautiful Beetles’ Activity Box


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This box is a SECONDS SALE as the playdoh has gone a little bit slimey in some of the boxes. It can be fixed by spooning it out of the bag and adding plane flour (do not add cornflour). It will come together after a bit of kneading. Alternatively you can just use other playdoh that you have already for an easier option. Everything else in the box is top notch its just the playdoh that has gone a little funny. 

May “Beautiful Beetles” activity box

This months box explores the beautiful world of beetles. 

-12 page field guide inspiring wonder and curiosity about the topic 

-12 page activity guide outlining the activities for this month 

-12 page identification guide booklet outlining some of the most common and beautiful beetles you will come across on your adventures 

-Stag beetle paper taxidermy kit. Learn the anatomy of a stag beetle by piecing together it’s body parts and building your own beetle out of card. 

-Learn how to draw a ladybird and discover the fabulous colour combinations that it comes in with our painted ladybird activity. 

- Create your own beetle with our sparkly beetle doh 

- Explore beetle defence systems with the magic “Bombarider beetle defence potion” included in the box