Wild Waterways Activity Box


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Junes ‘Wild waterways’ activity box 

This months box explores the inhabitants of our wild waterways . 

-12 page field guide inspiring wonder and curiosity about the topic. Looks at pollution, beavers habitats, brown trout lifecycles, The Eurasian otter, Crayfish

-12 page activity guide outlining the activities for this month 

-12 page identification guide booklet outlining some of the key inhabitants of our waterways along with the some of the plant life that grows along the river banks.  

-Pack contains a make your own non polluting cleaner kit which contains soap nuts (suitable for those who are allergic to nuts - they're actually a berry not a not)

-Make your own Banded demoselle damselfly complete with wire iridescent wings. 

-Make your own beaver habitat complete with clay and building material. 

-Seasonal Foraging along our waterways  profile on himalayan balsam